Monday, October 13, 2008

Verdi Gioielli ... simply AMAZING

I can never stop myself from drooling whenever I pass by my favorite jewelry store in Wafi, Arts & Gems. Especially when what is showcased in the window is from Verdi Gioielli. They have a huge selection of jewelry from diamonds to to other precious gems to pearls, set in modern, breathtaking designs. My personal favorites are the pearl and diamond bangles, thinking of getting me one or two.

For more info, visit the official site:
or visit Arts & Gems at Wafi City.



maitha said...

grt job guys ..

get me one of these when i get married :P

yellah yem3oly from now hahahah

jawharah said...

i like the last one nice for me hehe maitha ma y'3la 3alech

MM said...

great taste, love those bangles


Mahra said...

Thanks all!

RW16610 said...

Those would be a nice add to your lne or collection :D By the way, the blog is cool. Can not wait to see more entries.